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Description and Purpose

FreeM Lite is a derivative of FreeM 0.44.0, the last version of FreeM not to require System V shared memory and semaphores. It was created as a stopgap to allow users running macOS, FreeBSD, or any machine with an ARM CPU to use FreeM while the memory management compatibility problems in the mainline FreeM release are under investigation and not yet corrected.


FreeM Lite has several significant limitations as compared to mainline FreeM, including, but not limited to the following:

  • LOCK does not work correctly
  • Transaction processing is only minimally implemented, and offers no ACID or ACID-like guarantees
  • Lacks two years of bugfixes and other features

If FreeM Lite gains popularity as a lightweight alternative to mainline FreeM, we may consider backporting some mainline features and bugfixes to it where feasible, and as time permits.


You may download all FreeM Lite releases from