Platform Notes (SCO OpenServer)

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Port Status

SCO OpenServer is a Tier 2 Port

Verified Releases

  • 0.56.2 (4 Aug 2023)

Build Details

You will need to set the ACCEPT_INFERIOR_RM_PROGRAM environment variable to yes before running configure if GNU coreutils is not installed. An invocation such as the following should be sufficient:


Testing Details

We build and test the SCO OpenServer port on a system with the following specifications:

  • ESXi Virtual Machine
  • SCO OpenServer 5.0.7
  • gcc v2.95.3
  • autoconf 2.54
  • automake 1.7.1

This port requires significant manual intervention to build, given the old version of GNU autotools in play.

Required Kernel Tuning

You must set the maximum size of a shared memory segment to at least 6MB. This can be accomplished with the scoadmin utility.

Once this parameter is adjusted, you must re-link the kernel, also from scoadmin.

Port Challenges

The build system presents significant challenges.